Wabeno Area Players Hosting Auditions for Musical Comedy, Lumberjacks and Wedding Belles

The Wabeno Area Players are seeking cast members for their production of the hilariously fun, musical comedy, Lumberjacks and Wedding Belles. The cast for the show includes 12 female roles and 10 male roles, plus extras, ages 12 to 80. Auditions are set for June 13 from 6:00-8:00pm and June 14 from 5:00-6:30pm. Tryouts are on the stage of the Nancy Volk Auditorium. A tryout for a role will consist of: 1. Singing a childhood song of the actor’s choice. 2. Learn, at the tryout session, a very short and simple dance routine. 3. Read aloud a portion of the script for roles the actors are interested in playing. Tryout materials are available at the Lakes Country Library, the Wabeno Public Library, the Edith Evans Library in Laona, and the Crandon Public Library Actors will be expected to attend three to four rehearsals a week. Rehearsals will be Monday through Thursdays, at 6:00 – 8:30pm, starting on June 26. Performance dates for the show are August 18, 19, and 20. The play is under the direction of Carol Bartlein. Male roles include Josh, Barney, Abraham and Luke who are lonely lumberjacks from Northern Wisconsin who decide to bring women to the Northwoods by means of mail-order brides. Mayor Crook is the corrupt politician, who wants the area to remain uncivilized and victim to his corruption. Asa Mercer is a young lawyer who think the mail order brides will help to civilize Northwoods; he is also the first to fall in love with one of the mail order brides. Lum is a total moron who wants the woods to stay wild, like him. Female roles include Pie Annie, a caring friend of the lumberjacks, who see her as their second mother. Nellie and Jenny are 12-year-old orphans who are in the care of Pie Annie. Charity (the love interest of Asa), Mae, Faith, Hope, and Arabella are mail order brides who have traveled from out East, in hope of finding husbands. Venus and Aphrodite are the wild sisters of Lum and the daughters of Ma Scrubbs, who is a villainous trapper and conspirator of Mayor Crook. There are 12 songs in the show. Most numbers large and small group ensembles. There are a few solos. The songs are easy, with mostly unison singing. There will be choreographed numbers, but the dance steps will be kept easy-to-learn. Lumberjacks and Wedding Belles is a very fun, moderately challenging show to perform. Wabeno Area Players are looking for energetic, dedicated, and hardworking singers and actors to bring the show to life for our audiences. Call 715-473-5466 or email carolbartlein@gmail.com with questions. Looking forward to seeing you at tryouts!